Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Girl's Afternoon In

Makelle and I haven't had a girl's night out for awhile now so yesterday she asked if we could have girl time while Corbin was at school and Seth and Jefferson were napping.  Initially she said, "could we just go somewhere really quick while the little bubbas are sleeping?"  

She wanted to go for donuts, so after explaining that I couldn't just leave them home alone, even if they were sleeping, we decided to compromise with making donuts together while they slept.  

We didn't have all the necessary ingredients, (meaning I didn't have colorful sprinkles, which she informed me are absolutely necessary for donuts) so we had to wait a day until I could run to the store.  Then this afternoon girl time ensued.  

Makelle helped me measure and stir ingredients, and then mixed up some concoction of her own that is still sitting in my freezer for some reason.  Then I fried them up while she finished eating her lunch.  Her favorite part by far was putting on the chocolate frosting and those crucial sprinkles.

We each ate a couple of donuts, and now we are left with a kitchen full of excess treats that the boys are all allergic to.  Would anyone like some extra donuts?  (Makelle may or may not have licked her fingers a few dozen times while frosting them.)


Ashley Miller said...

We'd take 'em off your hands. Do you ship internationally? :)

Victoria said...

Why do girls like their sprinkles? They don't taste good!