Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Miller Reunion

On Friday evening Caleb's family all came into town and we got together to take some family pictures.  Pretty much every girl loves getting her picture taken a few days after giving birth, right?  :)  But despite my personal dislike of how I look in the pictures, they actually turned out pretty cute, especially when considering the number of children we were trying to all get to cooperate.  We knew we were done when Seth was throwing a fit and pouting because I didn't have any water and then Jefferson started crying as well.  50% of the children screaming doesn't exactly make for a good family picture.  But an ornery Seth does make for a rather amusing picture:

After family pictures we all went to dinner and then headed to Sam and Benson's to make tanks for the annual Miller Family Tank Wars.  Thanks to an awesome deal Benson found we ended up with about 3x as many fireworks as usual, as well as, some bigger fireworks than we've had in the past.  This resulted in Lane achieving actual liftoff with his tank and being deemed the 'winner' of the battle.  One year I have no doubt that we will suddenly have pictures of a large scale fire that we accidentally start with our tanks on here.

Seth loved the fireworks and got really into throwing the little pop-its with Uncle Bryan.

The next morning we went to go see Despicable Me 2, followed by lunch, naps, a trip to the splash pad and a BBQ.  That evening the boys all went on what Corbin referred to as a 'big boy adventure' and attended Glenn Beck's Man in the Moon show down in Salt Lake.  The girls stayed behind and got to reenact female revolutionary war heroes with Grandma Miller.  Since it involved cousin Brynn and getting dressed up, two of her favorite things, Makelle thought it was pretty great.

On Sunday morning we woke up early and were able to attend cousin Edy's baby blessing.  We went to Tyler and Tori's new house afterwards and got to visit with all the Lloyds, including Grandma Nash who came up to see the babies and Eric before he left on his mission.  Then we hurried home and got ready for our own church where we were able to bless Jefferson.

After our church we came home and had dinner with all the Millers, and got some nice family pictures:

However, Jefferson managed to mess his diaper and get it all over his cute little white outfit before I got any pictures of just him on his special day.  So like any crazy mother, I dressed him back up and took some posed pictures of him the next week while Caleb mocked my staged memories :)

Since he was only a week old when we blessed him, waiting to take his picture, he really did look different all ready, but at least we have some fake memories of what a little stud he was all dressed up.

After we got Jefferson cleaned up and put down for a nap we were all able to celebrate with Seth, since it was his birthday that day, and I had missed his party the week before.  His Grandma Lloyd saved the old farm tractors and trucks that my brothers and I had played with outside as kids and gave them to our kids when we moved into the new house.  So we made Seth a cute little truck cake since he is so into playing with his trucks and tractors in the new sandbox.  He also got a new tractor from Grandma Miller for his birthday that is about as big as he is, so he thinks he is suppose to ride on it.  He sits on top and puts his feet on either side and scoots around the house.  He is definitely in a 'vehicle' faze these days, so I think he was pretty excited to see his cake and even more excited to get to eat it.

Aunt Ashley and Uncle Jake somehow discovered 'kid proof' books that can't be ripped or torn and are water resistant.  I hope the inventor of those books becomes a millionaire, because they are an ingenious idea.  Plus, Seth loves his.

We had a crazy busy weekend with the new baby and family in town from both sides and so many things going on all at once, but it was so much fun to celebrate our children and be with family!

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