Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Sethers!

After Jefferson was born and they got us settled into our room, Caleb took off to attend Seth's birthday party.  It happened to be my dad's birthday and Seth's was in a week, but we knew we'd be busy with the Miller family reunion, so we went ahead and scheduled a Lloyd family get together for the 30th to celebrate birthdays.  Little did we know that Jefferson was going to make his grand entrance into the world and steal the spotlight that day :)

So Caleb took lots of pictures for me and the kids gave me a play-by-play recap of the whole evening so that I didn't miss out on anything.

We have so much 'stuff' at our house from the older two that we decided to forgo getting Seth any new toys and instead invested in fixing up and refilling the sandbox in our new yard so that he could play out there.  He loves that sand and runs over there every time we are getting home or leaving for somewhere, you constantly have to coax him out of the sandbox, so it was definitely worth it.

Despite not getting any presents from us, Seth still came home with a small truckload of new toys from his grandparents and cousins.  I've been told he was so excited to be the spotlight for the day.  That kid lights up every time you are able to focus your attention on just him, so I imagine he was in heaven during his little party.

After dinner, presents and cake Caleb loaded up the kids and brought them to the hospital to meet their new baby brother.

Seth was completely wired and ran around on a sugar high the entire time, touching and poking everything in the hospital room, including baby Jefferson.  Our favorite moment of the night was after Seth had been holding baby for awhile and Makelle climbed up on the bed and asked if she could take a turn and I said sure and started to take him away from Seth.  Seth then immediately tightened his grip into a near death hold and shouted in my face, "MY BABY!"  Apparently we need to work on the concept of sharing, but at least we know he likes him.

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