Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tennis Pro

A couple of summers back Caleb and I bought tennis rackets because we found a park within walking distance of our house that was completely fenced in, with the only entrance being next to the tennis courts.  So on Friday nights when we didn't have a babysitter for date night we would walk to the park as a family and then let the kids play on the playground while we played tennis.

Ever since then Corbin has been asking to play tennis.  I tried to teach him once... only that once, turns out I don't have the patience to teach a 4-year-old how to play tennis.  But is has been a couple of years now and he is 6 and we saw a little summer tennis camp that the city was putting on for his age group and agreed to let him try it.

He ended up LOVING it!  At first he couldn't even hit a ball he had bounced on the ground himself and by the end they were playing king of the court and could actually rally it once or twice before one of the kids missed or hit it too hard and sent it flying.

It was pretty fun to watch him.  He says he wants to do it again next summer and with the same kids... they became a pretty close knit little group in that one short month.  Now we just have to take him to play on a regular basis so that he doesn't lose any of his newly developed skills.

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