Thursday, September 12, 2013

10 Years!

I am getting old, this summer marked 10 years since I graduated high school.

Since high school graduation in 2003 I :
  • Met Caleb in 2004
  • Received my bachelor's degree in Broadcasting and PR in 2005
  • Got married to Caleb in 2005
  • Had my first baby in 2006
  • Received my master's degree in Corporate PR in 2007
  • Bought our first home in 2007
  • Started my own part time business in 2008
  • Had our little girl in 2009
  • Had another little boy in 2011
  • Bought our new house in 2012
  • Remodeled and moved into our house in 2013
  • Had our most recently baby in 2013
It has been a pretty busy and fulfilling 10 years (except for 2010, what happened to that year?)

Caleb and I attended my reunion along with the Harm and Derek and Alicia.  Turns out if you didn't know a ton of people during high school you are unlikely to know very many people from the same group 10 years later :)  

Despite not knowing too many people to reconnect with, we had a fun night getting out of the house and Jefferson spent his first night away from Mom.  And, thanks to Mr. Jefferson, I received the "Most Recent to have had a Baby" award and tied for "Most Children" award.  Back when I was leaving high school to start college, I swore I was going to move out of state and live a fast-paced single life until I was at least 30.  Instead I have now recently moved back to the same town I graduated in and have a husband of over 8 years, 4 children and no career.  All the things I never wanted have become my dream, it's funny how life changes.

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