Monday, September 16, 2013


We have a friend that referred us to this website that lets you try out new products for free, as long as you agree to host a party at your house demonstrating the product.  They have had movie projectors, soda stream machines, home decor items... stuff I think would be cool to get for free.  We have been selected to receive none of them.  So we signed Corbin up to host a Beyblade party featuring their newest product, Beywarriors, thinking there was no way he'd get picked.  However, he seems to have better luck than us and was chosen to receive a party pack full of free toys to play with with his friends.

It actually worked out really well though because it turned out to be the perfect opportunity to invite some of his new friends from school over so I could meet them and their parents and he could expand his circle of friends.

So on Saturday we played host to 14 kids all battling in a Beywarrior tournament.  I think the boys all had fun and we enjoyed seeing Corbin playing with his little group of new and old friends.  Since the guests included kids from the old neighborhood, new school and cousins from both sides we told him he had to make sure to take turns playing with everyone and making sure no one got left out and I think he did a pretty good job of helping everyone mingle.

I even decorated for him!

Caleb ran the tournament and made sure everyone got to take turns.

Group shot: Daniel, Silas, Ethan, Seth, Colton, Brynn, Makelle, Braxton, Easton, Eric, Logan, Corbin, Wes, and Trey.

Winner's stand. 

Corbin took 3rd place, but since 1st through 3rd won prizes, we made him move down to 4th place with just a ribbon.  Since he got to keep most of the toys we had been sent, it only seemed fair.

He also said he didn't like our rules when we made him answer the door and stay by the door thanking people for coming and seeing them off.  Apparently he would have preferred to yell good-bye from the basement while playing with everyone else who was still waiting for their parents.  We'll have to have more parties in the future, so he can continue to work on his hosting skills.

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