Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Living Planet Aquarium

For Christmas my parents and little brother got our family a membership to the new Living Planet Aquarium, scheduled to open December 2013.  Come April 2014, it finally opened with about half of the exhibits actually ready.  Despite the annoying delays and incomplete attractions we were excited to go and opening week happened to fall on Corbin's spring break.  So Caleb took a day off of work and we all headed out for some family bonding :)

The kids had a blast.  We saw penguins and seals diving around, lots of beautiful tropical fish, some dull brown, Utah-native fish, and an amazing shark tank, among other things.

Our membership also included some passes to their 4D theater and the kids had just about as much fun waiting for the Great White Shark movie to start as they did actually watching it.

The effects were not too impressive.  At one point Corbin asked why the air gusts, which were supposed to be misters, smelled like paint, but the cinematography was wonderful and overall we enjoyed it.  Perhaps just a 3D show would have been preferable though :)

We stopped for lunch on the way home and thoroughly enjoyed our day out together as a family and are looking forward to many return trips to the aquarium in the coming year.

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