Monday, April 21, 2014


We had so much fun dyeing Easter Eggs with the Lloyd cousins at Grandma's house.

Jefferson handled egg decorating the same way he does everything else: instant hand to mouth action.

Seth thought it would be best to create a dozen blue eggs.  Only blue, that was his favorite and you couldn't convince him to try anything else.  He did add a few super hero stickers at the end to give a little bit of variety :)

Makelle is just the sweetest and happiest little person on earth, no matter what she is doing.  She is getting so big (although those tiny pigtails aren't so big), she even boiled her wrap eggs herself this year.  

Corbin had soccer practice the night we ended up getting together, so he came a little late, but jumped right in and had fun making secret messages with the white crayon and watching it show up once you dipped the egg in dye.  On one of his eggs, he wrote "I love you, Seth!"  He is a great big brother.

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