Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Girls' Night Out

For her birthday, I got Makelle two tickets to see Disney on Ice, just the two of us.  She got all dressed up as her favorite Disney Princess, braided hair, with lots of flowers and all, and we headed out.

We were going to take Frontrunner down to Salt Lake so that I wouldn't have to worry about parking, but we were running a little late and pulled into the station to see that the train was already there.  We jumped out of the car and started running through the rain to catch the train, much like would occur on some television drama, but alas it left without us.

It worked out though, because being in the car allowed us to stop at Makelle's favorite ice cream shop by our old condo in Bountiful on the way back, and no girl's night is ever complete without ice cream or chocolate, preferably both.  This place is basically a giant ice cream bar with tons of flavors and toppings that you load up and pay for by the ounce at the end of the line.  Plus you get cute pink spoons, which we all know is a big bonus :)

She was enthralled with the whole show.  Many of the little girls around us got little light up toys and crowns and treats to keep them entertained by the end, but Makelle just sat there oblivious to it all, didn't even ask for extra stuff, she just sat perched on the end of my lap watching the whole thing play out below.  Or perhaps she just knows by now that her mom is cheap and won't buy junk from walking vendors, but I like to tell myself that it was because she was so interested in the show she didn't even care about all the gimmicks, right? :)

She was so cute and so excited.  She told me that we should make it a tradition and come to see the Disney Princesses every year for her birthday.  Sounds good to me!  As much as I thought I hated girly crap like this, I have surprised myself with how much fun it is to see her enjoying it.  Don't get me wrong, I still will not ever choose to go by myself, but watching her watch it all is pretty cute.

Because we have so few pictures of me actually with my kids, we also took our first selfie.  I thought it worked pretty good, until I got home and looked at the picture on a bigger screen than my little phone and realized that it is kind of obvious that I am looking at where my fingers are pushing the shutter button and not at the lens, but that's okay, we'll work on it!

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