Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Farmington Station

The kids have been wanting to ride 'the train' aka Frontrunner for, well, years now.  So we finally planned a trip less than 8 miles down the road to Farmington Station.  We got on the train, lugged our diaper bag and purse, stroller and four children up the stairs, so they could sit on the top level, got all settled down and then almost immediately got up and lugged it all back down to exit the train.  Let's just say Caleb was getting annoyed that I even let them talk me into it.

Once we got there we walked around and looked at all the fun shops, let the kids play on the playground, saw the water fountain show, ate lunch and bought a bunch of over priced trendy candy from the Sugar store before heading back home.  It was great fun.

This was going to be a cool action shot with the fountains going in the background but I never was able to get them all to turn around and smile at the same time, let alone in sync with the water show.

Corbin found disgusting looking gummy eggs at the candy store and for novelty's sake we had to get a picture of him eating his first egg :)  If only you could cook with gummy shaped eggs, it would be a lot easier raising our little allergy boy!

Caleb read some social media article that pointed out that you should have your kids hold the little flaps on the corners of juice boxes to keep them from squeezing it and making a mess everywhere.  Somehow he still managed to spill some of it and looked pretty silly in the process.  I guess what works for some, doesn't always work for others.  We had a pretty good laugh watching him sip away with his delicate little finger holds though.

Can't forget our little Mister Mister.  He was such a good little trooper riding along checking out all the sights and people.

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