Friday, April 25, 2014


Our sweet little Makelle turned 5 this year and decided to celebrate Pinkalicious style, after her favorite book character, as of late.  The book features a little girl who makes pink cupcakes with her mom and then eats too many and turns pink.  The doctor then orders her to eat only healthy green foods in order to return to normal.  So, after getting dressed in as close of a look-a-like outfit as we could find:

We had a lovely green dinner:

Followed by delicious pink cupcakes:

Then it was on to present time.  She got an "American Girl" doll :) from Dad,

And an accompanying ballet outfit from her brothers.

Mom got her tickets to go and see Disney on Ice, just the girls.

She also got spoiled rotten with far more toys than necessary from her grandparents and cousins.  Then we played her Silverlicious board game before heading home.

She then spent the entire next day in her new tent in her room reading books, making crafts, and assembling toys.  Pink, dolls, princesses, crafts, castles... pretty much heaven for this little girl.

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