Sunday, October 18, 2009

Corbin's Special Day

Today was our ward's Primary Program, and Corbin was invited up to participate in one of the songs. He was SOOO excited to be involved, and actually got upset when they made his class go sit back down after one song. He kept saying, "But when is it my turn to talk in the microphone?"

When I was growing up my family had a 'special plate.' Whenever a child did something that was deemed special, we got to eat on the special plate. Sadly enough, it was pretty much the highlight of our achievements and something we LOVED to get to participate in. So I am now continuing that tradition with my children and Corbin had his first opportunity to eat off of the 'special plate' today.

We were so proud of him, he looked pretty cute up on the stage by himself singing his little song. I think he actually did get a little nervous because he didn't belt it out super loud like he does at home, but he was loud enough that we were able to pick his little voice out from the crowd, especially the "whaaat?!"

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