Thursday, October 8, 2009

I got a Email!

A couple of weeks ago one of Corbin's little friends sent him a chain letter in the mail to join the sticker club. It was a pretty cute idea, you send a package of stickers to the person whose address is on the letter you get, and then you copy and forward the letter to six of your friends and shortly thereafter, you get stickers back in the mail.

Well it sounded cute, until I realized that the only friends Corbin plays with had already gotten the letter from the same girl that gave him his, since they all play together. So first off we had to struggle to come up with six additional people to send it to.

Well we eventually got all his little letters sent out and he has started receiving stickers in the mail from his "friends" this week... unless you ask him of course, in which case he has been receiving 'emails' from his friends. There is no convincing him that they are letters. That's right, our poor son has NO concept of real mail. As sad as it is the only thing that he can cognitively relate to is email. He is definitely growing up in a different world than we did.

So in the end this little activity ended up being more valuable than I would have guessed as it is helping us to teach him that you can send real, tangible letters through the mail in addition to the virtual messages that Daddy emails him periodically. Of course in not correcting him, there is that cute moment of watching him run to the door when he hears Caleb getting home and asking, "Did I get another email today, Daddy?"


Tyler said...

We've been meaning to have Rachel send some stickers to Corbin and the other girl on the letter for some time but keep forgetting to mail the things.

Unfortunately, we were too lazy to forward the thing to six other children because Rachel had just done a similar thing with books, and while a fun activity, the whole system is essentially a large ponzi scheme for children - For each child to get all 36 packs of stickers, 1296 additional children have to be recruited downstream.

Anyway, we'll make sure and get Corbin's stickers in the "email" this weekend.

The Wightmans said...

Well, I am with Tyler, I totally forgot to send out stickers, until this lovely post reminded me. I will have to be sure to send them out so that Corbin gets more mail. I love how excited he is about it.

CJ Armstrong said...

He is so cute. It is so true that he has grown up in a different world than we did. Oh well. he will know one day what both concepts mean.