Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fire Truck

Lately Corbin has been attending story time at the library every Wednesday morning. They do a really good job with it, every week there is some theme or another and the librarian always brings lots of little props and incorporates songs and what not.

So this week was all about firemen. They read a couple of books and then a few guys from the local fire department stopped by and showed the kids all their fire safety gear and let them check out the big truck. Corbin seemed to have a lot of fun and was excited to tell me everything he had learned about 'stop, drop and roll' and crawling along the ground to the nearest exit in case of an emergency, etc. He is quite the little fire escape expert now.

You will notice Corbin sitting still to the side, focused on his "teachers." He is always quite oddly attentive during these sorts of presentations and what not. I really like that he has such a good attention span and loves to learn so much. Something tells me that attribute will come in quite handy throughout his life.

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