Friday, December 12, 2014


We celebrated Thanksgiving a day early this year.  Most of Caleb's family was able to come into town on Wednesday, including his Aunt Mel and Uncle Ron, Jenna, Bryan and Celeste, Sam and Benson and Shirley.  We all made a delicious meal and thoroughly enjoyed the entire day, eating, talking and playing together.

Corbin has gotten interested in flag football recently and was really into the idea of a turkey bowl.  So while we were still making the side dishes he got Uncle Bryan and Caleb to go outside and play some football with him.  Bryan and Celeste recently got a new dog and at one point I looked out the kitchen window into the field and saw this small scene straight out of a Hallmark movie:

My un-raked autumn leaves, the kids, the dog--all of it was so perfect and the kids said they had so much fun, I think it might have to become a new tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The next day it was just Jenna, Shirley and us, so we went to see a movie and put together a puzzle while eating leftover pie. As far as having fun goes we have definitely hit the "old middle-aged, married couple" stage of life but it is pretty great so far!

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