Friday, December 12, 2014

Girly Date

Makelle is such a girly-girl and is always trying to get me to watch princess shows and paint fingernails and other such rubbish.  So when I heard about a short demonstration of the Nutcracker I figured that was my chance to let her see a ballet (something she has always been interested in) without having to commit as much of my time and money.  Win-win!

So this morning I took Makelle up to the Egyptian theater in Ogden for a little preview of the Nutcracker ballet.  She loved every second of it!  I was checking my watch and she was on the edge of her seat, staring in awe.  It always amazes me how into plays and performances that little girl can get.

Afterwards she was asking me all kinds of questions and requested to go see the whole, long performance one night.  So rather than appeasing her, I think I just stoked the fire.

My favorite part was the gourmet doughnut shop we found near the theater, so in the end we were both happy!  And it was great to see how excited she was and hear how much she enjoyed it.

So although I will never admit to enjoying a ballet, I have to say that it is kind of fun doing things with just her and learning about her interests.

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