Monday, December 15, 2014

Nash Family Reunion

My maternal grandpa's family had a family reunion down in Kanab, Utah that we drove down to. We were a little confused about the starting time so we missed the big picnic lunch in the park but were able to go over to the city pool and play.  They rented out the whole water park and only a few of us actually had little kids that wanted to swim, so our kids basically had free run of the place for 2 hours straight and LOVED it!  We are not fans of crowds and thoroughly enjoyed  being able to chat and catch up with family members while swimming round and round the lazy river, going down the water slides, playing water basketball, and splashing around.

Seth is like a hound dog when it comes to sniffing out fruit, it is by far his favorite food!

I love how simple and easy to please toddlers are. All summer long a small water bottle has been able to instantly make this one happy.

Do you see that small dot of a head in the end of the slide?  Having absolutely no body fat at all makes poor Seth constantly cold.  It can be 100 degrees outside and if he is even slightly wet he will be freezing within about 30 minutes.  So he found that the water that was sitting stagnate against the red plastic was the warmest spot in the pool and spent quite awhile sitting there in his little hot tub :)

Eventually even that wasn't enough to regulate his cold-blooded body temperature though and he had to get out and dry off.

The kids loved the water slide with no lines to wait in.  They were such light weights that they had to bum scoot along the last 5-10 feet though.  Then we took them on our laps and they flew down!


Happy baby!

It was so much nicer for him to get to play without a ton of kids around splashing him or knocking him over all the time.  He loved being able to crawl around and explore.

After the pool party we got cleaned up and went over to the cemetery to show the kids some headstones from their ancestors. Despite their restlessness I think we were able to instill an appreciation for their heritage in them.  As night fell most of the extended family had to leave so we ended up going out to dinner with Grandma Nash and the Lloyds.  The next morning we had to head home from our short, but fun little get away.

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