Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It is National Fire Safety Week, or something like that, and so the local fire station hosted an open house. We were pretty busy that day and missed most of the earlier festivities, but I managed to make it over with the kids for the last hour while Caleb was at a meeting.  We got to meet some of the firemen and tour the fire station.  It was fun for the kids to see their bedrooms, living quarters and lockers.

They also had the firetrucks and fire engines out with the lights on and the ladder extended up so the kids had fun climbing around and seeing all the buttons, valves and gauges.

Hands down their favorite part of the night was participating in a little display the highway patrol had set up, where you got to buckle up and experience a miniature car crash.  The kids thought it was awesome crashing into each other.  I was surprised at how educational it actually ended up being, Corbin and Makelle were really surprised to see just how much you felt such a small crash.  Hopefully their gong-ho attitude towards buckling up in case of real crash sticks around for awhile.

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