Monday, October 28, 2013

1st Grade

Corbin got his school pictures back on Friday.  It is absolutely perfect, you can see 100% of his little personality in that smile. He is one cute kid and I am so proud of him and the choices he has been making since we sent him out into the world to start school this year.

Last week in church he was bored during sacrament meeting so I told him to read his scriptures.  He pulled them out and started reading on his own in 1st Nephi.  Up until now he has only done family scripture study or read the little children's scriptures with the comic book style pictures.  So it was his first time reading a significant amount from the actual scriptures on his own.  He was surprised to find that he could actually follow most of what he was reading and told me he read about Nephi when he left Jerusalem.  Since he is currently planning on being baptized next year I told him he should keep reading at home too and see if he can read the whole Book of Mormon through once on his own before he gets baptized.  He accepted the challenge and is now working on his new goal.  He was so excited about his new goal that he told me on Wednesday morning that he wanted to take his Book of Mormon in to school for show and tell and tell everyone about his goal.  What a great example that kid is!  After he was done sharing kids can ask questions or make comments.  Corbin called on one of his good friends, who was raising his hand, and told us that Jayden's comment was, "Mormon was a real person!"  We quite like most of his friends as well :)

My other favorite story about Corbin recently, happened last week.  Every Monday they have a spelling pretest, then they practice the words all week and on Friday they take their actual test.  If they get 100% on the pretest on Monday she gives them some challenge words to learn instead.  Apparently on Friday after their test she made an off handed comment about how she was going to come up with a really hard challenge word like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for Monday's pretest.  So Corbin came home excited about his new challenge word and tried to spell it for me.  Surprisingly enough he only got three parts wrong, so I corrected those letters for him and he then tried again and has gotten it 100% correct every time since then.  So he went in on Monday and got 100% on the pretest and then she never told them to write supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  So he raised his little hand and told her she forgot and she said, "Oh Corbin I was just kidding I won't really give you a word that long."  To which he replies, "But I learned how to spell it Mrs. Qualls!"  I think she was a little surprised by him so she promised to really include it on the spelling test this week.  I loved that 1. He learned how to spell that word in about 5 minutes and 2. That he is bold enough to raise his hand and call her out on it.

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