Friday, August 28, 2009

Ridiculous Children

Corbin won't drink water. This summer he has tried a little here and there when he was dying of thirst and there were no other options around, however for the most part he avoids it like the plague. We are trying so hard though, so we always leave a fresh cup of water in his room when he is playing or has to go to bed, hoping he just might see it sitting there conveniently waiting for him and decide to drink some.

Makelle won't drink anything out of a bottle. At one point we had nearly 400 ounces of milk in our deep freezer, just waiting for her to be willing to drink it. I think my mom said she once went about 14 hours with less than 3 ounces of milk (when she was still a newborn) rather than drink from a bottle while I was away.

So she absolutely refuses to drink from a bottle, but lay her down for a diaper change near Corbin's sippie cup and that she can do...

She was actually getting water out and everything, go figure.

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