Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Legacy Half Marathon

For some stupid reason or another Caleb and I decided to sign up to run the Legacy Half Marathon less than 6 months after I gave birth. I seriously don't really know what I was thinking, for some reason I didn't think I had gotten that out of shape over the past year and I could just pick up fairly close to where I was over a year ago when I ran my last 13.1 miles. Not the case it turns out.

First off I have to say it was a much harder course. We didn't start (in August, mind you) until after 8 o'clock. We ran on Legacy Highway on the solid black asphalt--it was insanely hot. With nothing but dead weeds and roadkill as far as the eye could see. And a slightly industrial waste scent as far as the nose could smell.

Considering we skipped over half of our training schedule because things got so busy over the summer, Caleb did pretty well. It took him about 2 hours. I on the other hand ran a full 34 minutes slower than my time last summer. Not good. But even more than the time I felt like I was going to die on this run. I think I really did get heat stroke of some kind because I felt like I was going to pass out and I had this killer headache. But despite all the complaining and difficulties of the actual run, it was good. It is always good to get out and do something active that challenges you. So I am happy about that.

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