Friday, September 18, 2009

Boys will be boys

Lately Corbin has been playing with his little friend Jayden a lot. We like it when Corbin plays with Jayden, because for some reason they get along really well. Which means that unlike some "play dates" (a.k.a. trading babysitting:) we arrange, it is quite peaceful and I can actually get more done, by having an extra child over, than I would have, had Corbin not had a buddy to entertain him.

The other day they were outside playing with matchbox cars while I was talking to his mom. We soon became aware that they were being a little too good and something must be up. So we peek around the corner and low and behold, they have abandoned their toy cars and found something much funner to do.

Normally I would have gotten upset with Corbin, especially considering we had somewhere to be shortly. However, perhaps it was the presence of my neighbor, or perhaps I am relaxing and learning to relinquish control as a mother, but whatever the reason I decided it was cute and took pictures instead. What a fun time!


Natalie Sue said...

Hey, I have a post like this one too! :) Cute boys!

Natalie Sue said...

By the way, I LOVE watching your kids too. Jayden things Corbin is the funnest guy in the world, so bring them on over anytime! (And I'm glad you are okay with watching mine too!)