Sunday, August 23, 2009

Children's Museum

My cousin came with me and helped out with the kids on Friday and we went to the Discovery Children's Museum at the Gateway.

I thought it was pretty well done. There are two floors, the bottom one is more geared towards preschool age kids. There is a ball area and then a little village in the back. I remember going to a children's museum when I was little and the mini grocery store was my favorite thing. There is something about filling the roles of an adult that is so fun when you are kid.

So he used a mini crane to lift foam blocks up onto a platform and then build a house structure. He "cooked" me a yummy lunch in the play house and then even did the dishes afterwards :) We went grocery shopping, delivered mail, picked produce in the garden, fed the animals on the farm, gassed up the car, etc. They also had a fun water area where you could build damns and float boats and pump water and such, but it was almost too crowded, because every time we tried to set something up someone would grab a piece before we got to run the whole cycle.

Upstairs involved a little more creative, deep thinking, obviously for older kids, but Corbin still had fun. There was a fake news station, a stage with theater costumes, those Velcro pipes that you stick to a wall and create a path for a ball to roll down and we made a little movie by slightly changing the position of little plastic figurines and taking pictures at each frame. Our Hawaii trip must have still been fresh on his mind because he made a family of bears walk to the beach and build a sandcastle. It was cute.

Then we went outside onto the patio and he played around in a helicopter for quite awhile while Makelle had her lunch.

We tried to do a little bit of everything, and it was kind of crowded, so we didn't really get very involved in any one thing. But it seems like a good place to go back to when all the older kids are in school again and we can read the little posts and enjoy more teaching opportunities. There is a lot of stuff to learn about there. So overall I would say it was good.

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The Wightmans said...

I want to go! Looks like fun!