Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Punish or Not to Punish

The other day the kids were suppose to be taking their naps, so I got in the shower really quick. I get out and hear Makelle busting a gut laughing. Now Makelle is a super happy baby. She smiles ALL the time (seriously all anyone has to do is look at her and she radiates this enormous smile). But she actually doesn't laugh out loud very often, thus this peaked my curiosity.

So I go peek in on them and Corbin has climbed into her crib with her and is jumping up and down as hard as he can. As a result Makelle is bouncing around and she can't stop laughing. So I immediately leave and grab the video camera and try to capture this cute moment, but alas once they see me the magic ends.

I tried to tell Caleb about it when he got home and he watched the video and immediately questioned why I neglected to punish Corbin and promptly get him out the crib before he injured his sister.

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