Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July

On the 4th of July this year we got up early and like all true, red-blooded Americans, got all dressed in cute little matching, patriotic color-themed outfits :) Then we head over to Main Street in Kaysville for the Independence Day parade.  We arrived 2 hours before the parade was supposed to start and ended up driving around for 30 minutes cursing all the annoying people that brought out caution tape and roped of huge sections of the road, sidewalk and neighboring lawns long before they were legally allowed to do so (at least according to our rant, they did).  In the end we left Main Street and sat near Corbin's school where the parade route ended to watch.

It was obviously a long, and hot wait at that point, so I had planned ahead and cut up 3 pounds of apple slices for the kids to snack on.  We played games, went over to the playground and sat in the shade to help pass the time.  Jefferson decided he liked the apple slices a little too much and started shoving them in his mouth so fast I thought he might choke.  So like any concerned mother I allowed him to keep the slices he was double-fisting in each hand as well as the ones scattered on the ground around him, but decided it best to move the bag away for a minute.  He did not take that well at all:

Seth was so fun to watch this year, he was heart broken the first time they threw out candy and he didn't get any.  So Caleb went over and helped him find a piece.  Corbin helped him collect a few more pieces of taffy the next time and then after that he was content to just sit there and watch from his little chair while all the other kids ran around him and jumped up and down in the street begging for things to get thrown their way.  At one point this cute teenage girl saw him sitting there pointing to the fox mascot guy in their vehicle and reached into her "special bag" and pulled out a stuffed animal that she tossed over the big kids straight to him.

Makelle was excited to run out into the street along with every other little girl within a one mile vicinity and mob the Disney Princess girls that came along.

After the parade we went home, hot, tired, worn-out, over-loaded with sugar and spent the day relaxing and playing at home together.  Then we went and got Panda Express for dinner, which has become an odd tradition for Caleb and I, before heading out to brave the annoying crowds of people once more to see city fireworks as a family.  Corbin and Seth fell asleep, but Jefferson was adorable and sat there pointing and spontaneously clapping throughout the whole evening, right up until I tried to take a picture of him and then he was no longer interested in the fireworks and only wanted, desperately to grab the camera.  Moment ruined, oh well.

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