Thursday, September 18, 2014

Messy Eater

Jefferson is a messy little eater.  And a stubborn little eater.  He refuses to let you feed him anything.  He once went all day only eating two bites of food that I fed to him before I caved in and let him feed himself dinner.  He literally won't eat if you are holding the spoon.

Most of the time we aren't in a hurry and can let him make his mess and then just hose him down in the bathtub and mop up around his chair.  Other days we don't have time for slow, messy eating and I need to be able to control the spoon so that I can control the mess, but he simply refuses!

Other days still I am just plain lazy and don't feel like mopping up the floor.  On one such day Caleb and I were debating who had to clean him up when we jokingly said that we needed a dog to lick the floor clean.  That sparked an idea...

We are pretty smart, innovative thinkers around here :)