Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Last year right around New Years, we sat the kids down and helped them come up with some goals for the new year.  We wrote them down and then stuck them on our fridge so they actually worked on them throughout the year.

Then for family home evening in the beginning of January we sat them down to review their goals and create new ones.  Here are the old goals from last year:

·         Learn to talk (done)
·         Learn colors (can identify them when asked, but can't name them on his own yet)
·         Learn his letters (knows all the capital letters, still working on lowercase)
·         Potty training (done, started wearing underwear all day the last couple weeks of December)
·         Sleep in a big bed (been in a bed ever since we moved)

    ·         Learn to ride a bike without training wheels (still needs help getting started)
    ·         Learn to read a chapter book (reads beginner chapter books, but doesn't know all the vocabulary)
    ·         Learn to ice skate well (took lessons and can now move across the ice without a walker)
    ·         Say nice things to Corbin (she tried her best!)
    ·         Raise her hand in class every Sunday (would report almost every week about what she said and became MUCH more comfortable talking to people and overcame a lot of her shy tendencies)

      ·         Learn how to cut food (can now cut fruits, veggies and bread slices, but not always even slices)
      ·         Pass the test to get into PAL (done!)
      ·         Learn how to be really good at soccer (played on a traveling competition team and improved his footwork significantly, but still needs to become more aggressive)
      ·         Do 3 Sunday things every Sunday (by the end of the year he would take the initiative and select Sabbath appropriate activities to entertain himself after church)
      ·         Watch every movie we own (never happened :)

        After discussing how they did in working towards accomplishing their goals, what they did well, what they could improve upon, we then helped them write new goals to work on in 2014:

        ·         Learn to crawl
        ·         Learn to walk
        ·         Learn 5 words
        ·         Sleep through the night
        ·         Self feed

          ·         Count to 20
          ·         Sounds out 3-4 letter words
          ·         Put away silverware
          ·         Ride tricycle
          ·         Use a computer mouse
          ·         Pray without help
          ·         Answer questions after scriptures

            ·         Read 10 chapter books
            ·         Learn to ride a 2-wheeler bike
            ·         Pass off the songs in one piano book
            ·         Memorize first 6 Articles of Faith
            ·         Finish level 1 math workbook

              ·         Read 100 chapters
              ·         Finish The Hobbit
              ·         Finish level 2 math workbook
              ·         Finish every chore 5 times
              ·         Try a new sport
              ·         Read the Book of Mormon
              ·         Memorize and learn to play one hard song on the piano

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