Thursday, May 29, 2014


For Family Home Evening we found a Halloween movie on TV and got out a blanket to protect the carpet and then worked together to carve a jack-o-lantern together as a family.  The kids were in charge of the scooping.

Seth was really excited about scooping stuff out, but really unskilled at actually accomplishing much.  Even if he filled up his scoop, by the time it pulled it out, it would inevitably tilt too far and he'd have nothing left on the scoop once he got it outside of the pumpkin.

Makelle was her blissfully cheerful little self and happily helped Seth try to figure it out. And then got in there with her hands and finished getting all the hard stuff.

Corbin, from the time he was born, has always hated sticking his hand in a pumpkin.  You'd think it was a sewer based on his willingness to reach down in there.  At one point he asked if we had any rubber gloves he could use.

Oh yeah, and Jefferson was there too!  Good thing we never forget about him, left in the corner, neglected and sleeping through every family activity  :)  Seth did share his little pumpkin he had picked out to help make the moment more picturesque, and different from every other picture of Jefferson sleeping in a corner during various festivities, so it is all good.

Mom was in charge of finding a themed image, to use as a carving pattern, that went along with our costumes, mainly because she is the only one who cares about having a themed image to go along with our costumes :)

Dad was then left in charge of doing all the actual carving, or scraping as it happened to be this year.  He is such a good sport and made his crazy wife's idea work out perfectly.

While Dad did most of the work, Mom and the kids made pumpkin cookies for dessert in an attempt to keep the, "Are you done yet?"  "Can we put a candle in it yet?" "When do we get to see it glow?" "Will it be done before we have to go to bed?" and other such questions to a minimum  :)

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