Saturday, May 31, 2014


We love this place!  Yesterday was Corbin's last day of 1st grade.  To celebrate the start of summer vacation, and the many great family memories and sibling time that is sure to come, we took a quick trip back down to the aquarium after school.

Jefferson was so cute watching the penguins.  Like both of his big brothers before him, he has started to take a great interest in animals lately.  He and Seth sat looking, jabbering and pointing to penguins for quite awhile, while the other two wandered around reading all the cool facts about penguins.  It is fun to see how they experience things during their different ages and stages of life.

The sharks and sting rays were the favorites this time around.  Also, we somehow let Corbin convince us to give him a mohawk hair cut last month.  I think it is almost time for it to be done, but he sure has spent the past month thinking he was pretty cool.

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