Friday, June 29, 2012

Swim Lessons

Now that Makelle is getting older and Corbin has a permanent friend around they don't get as bored and I find myself needing to entertain the kids less, so we decided to forego swim lessons this year. (I don't think they really learn that much compared to what they pick up swimming at home nearly every single day all summer long, it was always just a fun thing for Corbin to do.)

Then we found out that our pool needed to have the deck redone and construction was scheduled to start on June 1. So at the last minute we signed up for swim lessons again so that we could stay and play during free swim at the public pool for a couple weeks while we waited for ours to get done.

This year Makelle was old enough to start as well. I should have just put her with the older kids, because all 3-year-old swim lessons consist of is learning to do head bobs, blow bubbles in the water and sit on the edge kicking your feet, not crying when your own splashes hit you. Makelle can already push off from the wall and swim 10 feet out to you, even stopping on the way to take a breath. But again it wasn't so much for learning as it was for having fun and getting out of the heat in our non-air conditioned home, so it worked out fine.

The best part of the whole two weeks of lessons came on the last day. Caleb had the day off since we were getting ready for a camping trip and we were sitting there watching her sit on the edge, kicking her little feet, when Caleb asked, "Is that little boy trying to kiss her?"

"No, I am sure he is just leaning over to talk to her, it is pretty loud in here," I responded. "Wait, no... maybe he is. I can't tell, are his lips puckered?"

"Oh yes, he is definitely trying to kiss her!" As she leans away in a nearly horizontal position trying to dodge his advances.

Afterwards Caleb asked her what the other boy in her class was doing and she exclaims, "he was trying to kiss me, and I am not even married to him!"

"Why was he trying to kiss you?" "He just thought that I was cute!"

Somehow it was adorable when your kid is only 3. Something tells me that the poor kid would be missing a limb if Caleb ever observes a similar situation a few years down the road :)

Corbin's class basically just worked on learning the proper form for different strokes as they could all manage to stay afloat swimming across the pool... they just look horrible doing it! So we'll see how much his form improves as the summer passes and he tries to incorporate the little tips his teacher taught him about breathing and arm and leg motions.

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