Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poor Sethers

On Sunday I was doing dishes in the kitchen and heard Seth scream. I turned around and he had gotten past the fake logs on our fireplace and poked the pilot light with the tip of his right index finger.

We rushed him over to the Instacare and they told us to take him into the Burn Center at the University Hospital in Salt Lake the next day.

As a Mom it looked horrible to me! You can see a little black spot on the very tip of his finger and then a giant flame shaped blister running up the rest of the finger, but the doctor says it actually isn't too bad and that he should heal fine.

However, he also told us to make sure and keep the wound clean and dry until it heals, in order to avoid infection. That is a nearly impossible task given that he is a baby, who crawls and it is summer. Swimming pools, playgrounds, finger foods. It is going to be a long few weeks.

So we double wrapped the bandage all the way around his entire hand and covered him with a sock up to his armpit and he and I have been sitting on the sidelines watching everyone play and swim without us.

We tell people he got bit by a contagious sock monkey and it is spreading up his arm... because that sounds better than admitting that his mom let him burn himself :(

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