Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bugz the Musical

Corbin's PAL program at school put on a spring musical.  All the kids learned the songs and sang together and then a few kids auditioned and got to have speaking parts as well.  Corbin did a great job trying out and got a pretty good part, considering his class was the youngest ones.

He was the wise old praying mantis and appeared at the end of the play in a scene with all the 3rd graders, as he made sure to take note of :)

So he got to sing all the main songs, said his part and did a special number with all the boys in his class, who were fireflies.  The only video I got was from my phone while holding a wiggly baby, so the quality is horrible, but luckily it is easy to tell which one he is!

James, Corbin, Jayden and Emery.

They even found a sweet lady who sales make-up professionally that donated a bunch of supplies for them to use during their performance.  The boys probably weren't quite as excited as the girls about getting to wear make-up, but it was fun to see them all getting ready together and feel their excitement at doing something that 'real' actors do.  I helped backstage-aka in the classroom-and smeared gray and blue eyeshadow all over the 1st grade firefly boys while Corbin's teacher, Mrs. Qualls created fun green lines all over his face.

He was so excited and we worked to make him a fun costume and then the morning of his play he got super sick!  So he went in and did his part at the assembly and then we took him home to rest and brought him back for the evening performance.  It was sad because he had worked so hard to learn everything and he practiced saying his part with such enthusiasm and expression and then at one point I looked over at him and he was sitting down on the stage, completely exhausted and crappy feeling.

Heber, Eric, Corbin and Satchel... poor kid didn't look much better than he felt :(

But it was still a fun experience for him to get to be involved in and hopefully next year he'll be feeling better the day of!

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