Wednesday, May 1, 2013


We knew once we bought our new house with such a large lot that we eventually wanted to have some chickens so that we could eat fresh, organic eggs whenever we wanted.  When it came to deciding when we would get said chickens we didn't so much agree.  Caleb wanted to wait a year, because well our yard and house are a wreck and we have a TON of work to do to get everything in order.  I wanted to get them now, because I have no patience and don't like to wait for anything.  So in the end I convinced Caleb let us get some chickens for "the kids" for Easter after getting them excited and talking up how fun pet chicks would be :)

We went out on Friday and let Corbin and Makelle each pick out their own breed.  Makelle got an ameraucana because she is hoping for cute colorful eggs.  Corbin got a white silkie, because he thought they looked ridiculous.  And we picked out a black australorp and buff orpington to be for Seth and the new baby because they are suppose to be good layers, cold hardy and good with kids.

We aren't the most creative bunch so call them Easter Egger, Silkie, Stringer and Buffy.

Corbin likes to pretend they are parrots and he is a pirate.  Makelle likes to flap their wings for them and pretend they are flying around the room.

So far we are having a lot of fun with our new little chicks and hoping for lots of yummy omelets this fall.

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