Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Vacation

On Christmas Eve we all sat down to enjoy our Mary and Joseph dinner. We ate bread, fish, rice, olives, avocados, nuts, dates and grape juice. We turned off the lights and ate out of wooden dishes (minus those plastic cups of course :) but the kids' favorite part was getting to use their fingers for the entire meal.

We also wrote up some Christmas wish lists for Santa, that we hung up after dinner.

Then we read the story of Christ's birth and let the kids open one present each, which just so happen to be a pair of new pajamas. Then we loaded into the car and drove around town admiring every one's Christmas lights until all three kids were finally asleep. Then we headed home and bedded down to wait for Santa's arrival.

Christmas isn't Christmas at our house without Corbin getting sick, so he woke up a few hours later puking. Joy.

We had such a rough night that we actually had to wake the kids up early in order to let them open their stockings before Makelle and I went to church. Santa also brought them a kinect so that the kids can now play games on the xbox. So after church we got that all set up and then finally started opening gifts around 1 o'clock pm.

The rest of the day was spent cooking up a storm and playing with new toys as we hung out and enjoyed our fun, lazy day.

The week after Christmas most of Caleb's family was able to come into town and visit, so we got to spend a few days hanging out with them, playing lots of games, watching a lot of football and taking a trip to the children's museum.

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