Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bean's Birthday

Corbin turned 5. Wow. His two best friends also happen to have birthdays the same week as his. So we all got together and took them to the Kangaroo Zoo during the week to celebrate. One kid is named Corbin and the other is Ethan (Bean's middle name)... they almost have too much in common, I guess they were meant to end up as friends :)

They had lots of fun running around together and I felt a little less guilty for not letting him invite friends to his party, like we have been promising him he could do starting on his 5th birthday. But we are still in the small condo and the weather is too cold to take them outside and I just didn't have the energy to host a gaggle of small children indoors in a tight space. Instead we ended up having a family dinner at Grandma Lloyd's house on Sunday with the Lloyd and Miller cousins. We let him choose whatever he wanted for dinner, which meant we once again had breakfast for dinner.

Bacon, fruit, hash browns and pancakes. Then we opened far too many presents... he got A LOT of cool stuff.

And finally, cake and ice cream.

He probably changed his mind about a dozen times in the weeks leading up to his birthday, but in the end decided on a Toad cake from Mario. We own nothing Mario related, but he LOVES to play the video game at his friends' house, and for some reason especially likes the Toad character. He came out a little pink, because it turns out all natural beet extract coloring doesn't make a vibrant red. But he didn't seem to mind. He also selected the flavor of the cake, and settled on banana. So we really made frosted, whole wheat banana bread and the kids thought it was so cool that I let them eat "cake" for breakfast the next morning... little do they know :)

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